Meet the Team: Honza Kourimsky

How long have working for EJBF?

I have worked with EJBF from the 2022 summer festival onwards so over a full year now.

What do you do here at EJBF?

I look after the production and logistics elements of our events. This can include anything from facilitating services for artists, to looking after technical requirements, the hire of any equipment, issuing contracts, training and supervising in-venue staff and generally making sure everything is where it’s meant to be.

In the past month I have created a central database for all our technical and logistical needs, making sure we can track the rate of our progress and identify focus points with the touch of a button! 

Where did you work before this?

I was, and still am a self-employed musician who makes a living performing around the country and composing music for the screen and other mediums.

Do you have a favourite memory or concert from EJBF?

My most favourite memory has got to be the performance of Elephant9 at La Belle Angele at last year’s festival. Everything about the gig could have not been any more enticing. The set up was complicated to start with, so it was a gratifying moment for the tech team to see the entire set up (including a Hammond organ) make in on to the small stage!

The band then came on and just never looked back. The performance was intense, breath-taking, displayed incredible elements of instrumental ability as well as technical understanding of equipment. The musicians were captivating and their chemistry was undeniable. What an amazing experience to be a part of!